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Sustainable Achievement of Operational Excellence

Monitoring, history analysis, reporting and process optimisation in one place.

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Our solution collects and processes all relevant production data. The result is quick and intuitive access to information at every organizational level - from operators to managers.

Smart RDM supports the step-by-step digitalisation of the company. It enables automatic optimisation of the tasks performed and, as a result, improves production efficiency and reduces costs.

Smart RDM is a fully configurable system to the specific needs of the industries. It has interfaces to various industrial systems.

Analysis and reporting
Process monitoring

Process monitoring

Our solution is based on a powerful and scalable process database, operating in real time.

We integrate with any production system. This gives you one-stop access to:

  • process visualisation
  • automatic report generation
  • setting alarm rules
  • manual data entry
  • managing automatic data export and import
Secure access to production data

A crucial part of preparing data for analysis is to provide it with a context, e.g. an area, a machine, a piece of equipment.

Additionally, each industry has its unique standards. Proper data codification allows us to map the process and build a hierarchy of assets for monitoring and advanced analysis.

Building data context

Any production process or its simulation can be shown in real time

For security reasons, access to the views is subject to permissions. Clear navigation allows you to:

  • easily switch between devices' views
  • view trends and process history
  • monitor business history
  • observing the process also on maps and graphs
Process Visualization

Analysis and reporting

Automation of reporting

Manufacturing companies typically resolve errors and data gaps by creating complex, unconsolidated Excel files.

To avoid this, we created a mechanism for managing data via web forms.  This way we can complete data, correct errors or enter comments. On this basis, the system automatically generates correct reports and sends them to the right recipients.

Scheduling and ranking

Smart RDM has a built-in mechanism for creating production schedules and tracking their execution, device rankings and alarm triggers configuration.

Build customised rankings with configurable rules for events or device importance. Enter future data to track the achievement of set business goals and forecasts.

Generation. of business reports

Smart RDM can be integrated with various business reporting systems used in the enterprise. Typically, we use Tableau and Microsoft Power BI.

Based on the API of these systems, the system uses the production data and data from business systems to create reports. This makes them transparent, efficient and allows for so-called data mining. Then, reports are delivered to the right people at the right time via subscription without additional access licenses.


Smart RDM creates a virtual copy of the devices and machines and then simulates their behaviour (Digital Twin).

Based on a comparison between the model and actual data, we can detect what is working incorrectly. With simulations based on user-defined operating parameters, we can improve efficiency. All processes can be visualised and monitored in real time.

Production optimisation and anomaly detection

Smart RDM allows generating and handling orders created automatically based on specific events: failures, alerts or exceeding business indicators.

The user is able to manage events, configure alarm triggers and analyse parameters associated with an alarm. Event parameters are configurable according to the needs of a given organisation. Events are integrated with notifications sent to defined users or groups of users.

Quick reaction thanks to alarms

Our scalable analytics environment provides actionable insights based on data.

Our industry-specific algorithms allow for precise analysis and provide feedback as visualisations, reports and device rankings for optimal decision-making. The customer can create their algorithms and use machine learning models. The module can manage the process of importing and exporting data.

Powerful Big Data module

Solutions for industries

Customer implementation examples

Monitoring of the Warsaw District Heating Network

Veolia Warszawa uses Smart RDM to facilitate access to key information for its employees, mainly by improving access to reports.

Production Monitoring and Reporting System

Smart RDM collects, processes and analyses data from 250k measurement points. The system monitors, among others, 41 power blocks in 270 real-time process visualisations.

The standard version of our software can be installed remotely in a short time, in any variant: on-premise, cloud or hybrid.

The installation meets the requirements of digital security and high availability, and can therefore support multiple branches within a group of companies.

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